Stupid Studios.

For my Graphic Design Studio class we took a field study to Stupid Studios and Playtype. Stupid Studios is a graphic design company known for their colorful and creative designs. There studio was functional, yet fun and lively. They all worked very closely together on projects and created some amazing work. We meet with a […]

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Frederiksborg Castle

Another day, another castle. For my Garden Art and European Culture class we took a field study to Frederiksborg Castle located in Hillerod. It is the Danish Royal Castle built in Renaissance style. It started out as a small manor house, then a royalman traded it to another royal and the new guy had a […]

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Carlsberg Beer

Here is Cat and I and our wonderful Carlsberg Castle. Our floor had a beer drinking competition against the other DIS floors in our building. Of course we won! Carlsberg is the biggest beer manufacturer in Denmark. They are also known for investing money in museums, stores, other beer locations, and so on. They are […]

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Malmo, Sweden

My first adventure outside Denmark was to Sweden! We took a 45 minute train read and landed in Malmo! It is an interesting city, similar to Copenhagen but with a lot less people walking around. It was a short day trip but very fun. We walked to the harbor, and played on some playgrounds. Then […]

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Ground Zero

Ground Zero takes Denmark. Our floor is known as Ground Zero because the Danes start all of there floors on Zero. Lucky us, we dont have to walk up too many steps. Heres some family photos(minus Isabelle) of our first week in the city. Theres also a shot of outside my window on a snowy […]

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Kronborg Castle

A week in or so we decided to take a trip to Hamlet’s Castle(Kronborg Castle), it is about a half an hour train ride away. Silly us, decided to go on an extremely foggy day. It was a very big and beautiful castle. It was a cold, foggy, slightly snowy day.

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First Week in Kobenhaven

     My first week in the city, of course I had a real european latte and saw Hans Christian Anderson’s famous Little Mermaid. She is very true to her name and quit small, but still beautiful. Heres a few photos from the streets near my DRC(Danish Residential Community. Theres also a great shot of […]

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