Question 3

What is your favorite garden so far and why?

My favorite garden so far in the class is the garden of Versaille. It is such a large and beautiful garden representing King Louis’ reign over Paris. It was known for its power symbol, safety, and government. When Versaille was built, everything began to be built around it after that. King Loui even moved all of the ranked officials to Versaille. The garden is a large part of its grandeous nature as well. Everything from statues, to fountains show Louis’ power. He had many of the sun God Apollo further showing his “godliness” and power. The garden was used for many things such as theatre events and plays along with musical shows.King Loui also brought guests there to roam the grounds with him and appreciate his wealth and power.  I like Versaille’s garden best because it was so large and full of interesting statues, sculpture and water art. I love the kings attribute to the sun god in his large fountains. The garden had many different parts to it including Pièce d’Eau des Suisses, Bassin des Sapins, Parterre d’Eau, Grand Canal, Bassin d’Apollon, and Bassin de Latone.


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