Vienna, Austria


My next trip, was beyond wonderful. We took a ladies weekend trip to Vienna Austria.We arrived to the airport with 45 minutes to spare so naturally we headed to the bar for snacks and drinks.It was about an hour plan ride and then we landed! We took a 16 minute train ride to central city, walked 10 minutes inward and arrived at our Air B & B( kind of like hostels but sometimes cheaper and nicer). From there we dropped our luggage off and went out to find some food! at this point it was around 11 at night and we were starving! Not much was open besides bars so we went with what we knew and had late night food and drinks at the Hard Rock Cafe. After that we walked around the Bermuda Triangle( An area known for their night life) and got a sense of where we were and what bars were cool. We called it an early night and went home before 1. The next day we walked over 8 miles around the city, seeing countless monuments, castles, and beautiful buildings, most of which I cannot remember. First we headed to the market square where we had breakfast at Stellas. We dined outside because it was so sunny and around 55 degrees F(which was warm for us) I had a momosa, hot tea, crossaint, feta, peppers, tomato, egg, olives, and peta, all for $12! Then we walked around the market which had soooo much food! All the venders would stop you and hand out free samples of everything, it was beyond fun! Everything was also relativly cheap. We continued on our journey and ended up at a butterfly garden. 5 euros later and we were in a sauna-like room filled with butterflies. It as pretty cool. After that, we made it to Parliament and then sat down at a city square area and had a drink and danced to fun music and watched all the ice skaters.

We continued to walk around and eventually went home to chill for an hour until dinner. Then for dinner we went to FiglMuller, which is known for the best Schnitzel in Vienna! We got lucky and got seated by the cutest lady within ten minutes. Once again, dont tell the veg gods but I had to get some. This Schnitzel was huge! Literally bigger than our plates! And it was pretty good. After some yummy food we went home and got ready for the night. We headed back to the Bermuda Triangle and bar hopped until we caught up with some friends who were also in Vienna. It was a pretty fun night and the bars were cool. We went to one that was underground and almost like a cave with brick enclosures everywhere.

The next day, slightly hungover, we headed out again to see the city. We walked around endlessly and ended up at SchonBrunn Palace. It was a gorgeous day so we climbed to the top and the view was well worth it. You could see the whole city from up there. We stopped and went to a Cafe located in the palace and got some chocolate cake(viennas known for). After that we kept sight seeing until it was time to head home. Sunday was sunny and almost 60 degrees out. We walked ten miles that day. We grabbed our bags and headed back to the airport to go home to Denmark. We arrived at our DRC around 11 to find our other flat mates coming home from trips too.


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