Study Tour to Western Denmark

Get ready for another long post….

Ok, so for My Graphic Design class we took a 3 day study tour to Western Denmark. We went all over the place! Thursday morning we left bright and early, 2 hours later we arrived at our first stop, a church. It was a large old church with very interesting murals on the walls. We stayed for an hour or so and sketched, then we continued onward. Next stop was a print studio. We had a short lecture and look around where they taught us different printing techniques. It was pretty cool and the town of Odense was adorable(yellow and red houses below).  In Odense, they let us loose for an hour to get lunch, i got falafel(my new fav). After that we headed to my favorite museum(thus far) Brandts. If you read my earlier post then you remember reading about meeting the designer of Brandts logo. It was very cool to see how her work was applied in person! We stayed there for 4 hours looking around and sketching. They had many cool exhibits and even some childrens exhibits too. After Brandts we walked a bit and made it to the next museum B 13, which is in collaboration with Brandts. It was a much smaller museum with more installations. We stayed and sketched there for about at hour. At this point we were all tired and hungry, very hungry. But it was not time to eat yet, nope, we had to walk to our hostel for the night and get our bags from the bus. We had half an hour to chill and then we meet up for diner with everyone, which was 20 students, 1 TA(teachers assistant), and 1 professor. We went to a cute buffet place and got out grub on while we had a sketchbook review of our work so far.

The next morning we were up for breakfast at 730 and on the road by 830. We got on the bus and an hour later we were in Kolding, where we went to another museum. This museum was very cool and had a large knit house exhibit. You can find photos of me standing in the pink house. We were here for about 3 hours, looking around and sketching. We grabbed a wuick lunch and were off again.After Kolding, we went to the Design School in Kolding. This place is a designers heaven. It is a “college” just for graphic and fashion designers. They only take design classes and get to focus on just art. It was 4 floors of amazingness. I would love to go to a design school set up like it was. After a few hours there we were on to the next stop. Dokk 1. Dokk 1 is a large community based library in Arhus. It was so big and so well built. the architecture and design of it was amazing. We were there for only about an hour sketching and walking around. Our next stop was the Arhus Parliament. We looked around a bit and ended up there at the same time as a wedding! It is very common for Danes to have “courthouse” weddings. The building had a large blue mural and was designed all by one man, Arny Jacobsen, who is very well known in the danish design world. Everything on the inside of the building was designed by him, everything from font to furniture. After Parliament we walked to our hotel for the night. After a quick break, we headed to diner at this amazing restaurant where we had linguine and salmon(Denamark is known for their salmon). It was a good night, we had diner then went out to a local pub and had a few drinks with friends.

Saturday morning we were up and leaving again by 8 for Aros art museum. An hour later, we made it. We had lunch, and then walked around the museum for about 4 hours. This was my new favorite museum. It had so many cool and interesting exhibits! It is also very well known for their rainbow panorama on top of the building. It is a glass walkthrough that is in rainbow colors. It was very cool walking through. At the end we sat down for some much needed coffee and our last sketch book review. We took a family photo and got on the bus to head home. 4 hours later and we were getting off the bus to head home.  metro stop later and I was finally home and so tired!


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