Question 2

Briefly explain the new paradigms and rediscoveries that shaped Italian Renaissance thinking, and how these shaped the Italian Renaissance garden garden.

Italian Renaissance thinking was a new way of humanitarian thinking were people were individuals who controlled their own destiny. It was new thinking that you can do stuff for yourself now and in this lifetime, rather than doing goof for your future with god. New Italian Renaissance thinking was for the wealthy and privileged. It also was the start of new perspective painting where streets had depth and looked 3 dimensional. This made paintings of cities and streets look much more realistic.This also made planning cities much easier and moe functional.

As for Italian Renaissance gardens it was a new way of thinking where are our gardens were supposed to be wonderful places to hangout. New gardens were pleasurable to be in, they had beautiful flowers and trees with sweet smelling flowers. They became very large and had lots of statues and fountains, even some special bubbling water arrangements. These new gardens were to make themselves happy and to also impress guests and make others happy too. Gardens began to be used a lot more regularly and even botanical gardens became very important to people.


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