Frederiksborg Castle

Another day, another castle. For my Garden Art and European Culture class we took a field study to Frederiksborg Castle located in Hillerod. It is the Danish Royal Castle built in Renaissance style. It started out as a small manor house, then a royalman traded it to another royal and the new guy had a son, Christian. When Christian became king he decided he wanted a larger castle so he built the one in the photo(sorta). When the Danes were loosing wars(which is often) they got pilaged by vikings and their beloved castle was in wreckage, along with the fountain in the front getting stolen. Soon after, a fire burnt the castle down. Everything was burnt except for the church on the left, oddly, that was the only part that stayed ok. The castle went under construction and they built the one you see in the photos here. The royal family is well known for their beautiful family tapestries that go back centuries, depicting all of the ruling royals. The Danes are one of the longest still standing monarchies, and are beloved by their people.

     Behind the castle is a very large baroque style garden. These gardens consist of topiary, hedges, trees, pathways, and a central water fountain. They are known for strict sculpting of their topiary. Man manipulates nature in these gardens.


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