First Week in Kobenhaven

     My first week in the city, of course I had a real european latte and saw Hans Christian Anderson’s famous Little Mermaid. She is very true to her name and quit small, but still beautiful. Heres a few photos from the streets near my DRC(Danish Residential Community. Theres also a great shot of our first family diner with our floor(Ground Zero), we had Thai food. There are 7 of us on the floor, my roommate Kristen is sitting to the right of me. She is a positive Psychology major at Boston College. To my left is Noah, an IT major that goes to a university in Texas. Across from Noah is Nick, hes a Cali(fornia) kid going to a school in North Carolina studying Economics. Next to him it Cat(therine), she studies Medicine in Pennsylvania. Next to her, is Bryce who goes to University of Vermont and is studying something to do with the government. Last, we have Isabelle who goes to University of Boulder and also studies medicine. This is my happy family. There are also two other floors of DIS(Danish Institute of Study Abroad) in our building. One floor has 10, and the other has 5. We have all become very close and hangout with each other a lot.


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