Garden 1

What is a garden to me? A garden to me is a sanctuary or safe place. It is an area with different plants, fruits, and flowers. It is a place for people to go to relax and unwind, to read or write. There are many different types of gardens but my ideal garden would have many flowers and fruits and vegetables to self sustain. Gardening can also be a place to mediate or look for oneself.

A garden to me is a second home outside in nature where I can find myself. I think even topiary gardens can be nice relaxing places to rest.

  Here is a (in a way) fruit garden. More of a produce garden, but to me, still a garden.

 In Vienna, we went to a butterfly garden where they cultivated the garden to house many different species of butterflies.

 The Frederiksburg  castle in Denmark is known for their luxurious topiary and boroque garden. This is where man manipulates the plants into patterns and shapes.


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